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A/B-test Calculator
Confidence Interval

Calculate A/B-test Result

Frequentist calculator for A/B-tests. Includes the expected uplift range for a given probability.

A/B-Test Numbers


Expected Uplift
probability that the variant outperforms control.
expected uplift (% chance to exceed this range)
Observed Uplift:
Confidence Intervals
Control: Variant:

Calculate probabiolity distribution for a binominal proportion

What could have been an observed ratio as well? Using the Clopper-Pearson Method


Conversion Rate
The given confidence level means a % chance to exceed the expected bounds.

Why I built these calculators

When you search the internet for A/B-test calculators for Conversion Optimization, you can find enough of them. But, I always miss information or possibilities in all of them. That's why I decided to build my own calculators.

If you have any suggestions for improvement, please contact me :).