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"With pleasure, a data-driven approach, creative mind, and many years of experience, I ensure fantastic results"
Full Service CRO-specialist (Freelance/Interim)
Keywords: Conversion Optimization, UX-design, Growth Hacking, Website Optimization, Web Analytics, User Testing, Front End Development, Lean, ROI-minded
customers assisted with uplift up to as much as 400%
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Versatile CRO Specialist

Successful conversion optimization requires the deployment of multiple skills. It's precisely this combination that yields results. My broad applicability makes me a full service specialist for flatter/agile organizations or startups, or an independently operating specialist within an agency.

The CRO Playing Field - Roeland vs Others

CRO Scope

More improvements, and faster. This is because I take into account more aspects of the organization than usual. An additional benefit is that the improvements obtained are more sustainable because they truly come from the organization's strengths.

Proposition & Positioning

What do you offer, and how can this be best translated to the customer?

Data Analysis

What needs to be measured, and at what points do what people drop off?

User Experience (UX)

Which steps in the customer journey can be smoother?
The Magic Spot

CRO Experience

Because I've already done extensive testing, I can more effectively assess where to focus.


I bring growth ideas to fruition within the organization.


Optimal use of systems, with a creative solution when needed.

Who is Roeland?

Conversion Optimization lies exactly at the intersection of what I am good at, what excites me, and what makes my customers happy.

I started my professional life by starting a bicycle parts webshop alongside my studies. Under my leadership, it grew into a major player over the years and I later sold it to Accell Group NV. This experience has given me a pragmatic approach; I am an entrepreneur and understand very well that the investment in me must be profitable, resulting in a strong focus on delivering added value.

I derive great pleasure from the CRO process as a whole; from making visitor behavior transparent to finding opportunities and testing them. I am hands-on and data-driven, have a good sense of the needs of potential customers, and know how to combine this well with the business strategy and technical possibilities. This results in a high return with a proportionally high number of impactful improvements.

Why Conversion optimisation?

Conversion optimization costs money, but doing nothing also costs money. If your website fails to retain visitors and lead them to the desired conversion, you lose a lot of revenue every day. In practice, a conversion improvement of 30% to a doubling is not exceptional, but improvements up to 400% also occur. In large businesses, the proportions are different; here the improvements are lower in percentage terms, but due to the number of customers, an improvement can easily yield many millions in additional revenue per year.

Conversion optimization, when done correctly, has a self-reinforcing effect that both generates more visitors and more revenue per visitor, making the ROI always positive. In the diagram below, you can see how this works:


Potentially, there are thousands of adjustments that can make a website perform better. However, most will not have an effect and each one will take several hours to several days to implement. That's not efficient. To get results as quickly as possible, it's important to find those changes that truly have an impact. This requires a method that is very similar to the scientific method. Sometimes corners are cut, but in principle, conversion optimization always follows this structure:

1 Determine strategy, ideal customer journey, and KPIs

Customer Journey analysis, determining the KPIs to be optimized, and a critical look at the proposition.

2 Quantitative Analysis

Where does it go wrong? Data analysis + expanding measurements where necessary.

3 Qualitative Analysis

Why does it go wrong? User research, heatmaps, surveys, etc.

4 Forming a Hypothesis

Creative and/or logical generation of solutions.

5 Building an A/B-test

Setting up an A/B test for validation of the hypothesis.

6 Analysis of Test Results

Analysis of visitor behavior in the variant compared to the original. Implement significant improvements and incorporate the learnings in further research.

How much revenue is your website losing?


Shall we get acquainted? I will make a free, no-obligation estimate of the possibilities. If this quick scan shows that the expected return is positive, I would be happy to get to work for you!

Full Service CRO-Specialist (Freelancer/Interim)